Thursday, 13 September 2012

My unforgettable memory

    The most unforgettable memory is when I went for a school trip. I went for the trip when I was in form 3. It was a very unforgettable 3 days 1 night trip. The trip is for us who just end our PMR examination that time, but there are also some senior who also join it, because not all of the form three students join the trip. We depart at 10 am on Friday because our campsite is on jungle at Pahang, so we need to depart early. The journeys take almost 5 hours because we need to take the land rover before we arrive at the campsite.

    On the first day of the trip, we do not do much activity. As we arrive we just build our own tent, and after that we were given the rules and advice when we were in the jungle so that nothing bad happen to any of us. On night we went for a night walked to look the plant species that only can be seen the unique in the dark. I was very afraid that time, because I’m afraid of the dark, especially it was in the jungle.

    On the second day, we wake up early in the morning we are going for a jungle tracking. It takes more than an hour before we arrive at the mount peak. It was very tiring because we need to climb up on 45 degree hill before we arrive. But, even though it was very tiring, but soon as we arrive there it was very nice view with a very nice waterfall and cool water breeze. It just like our tiredness just disappeared just like that. On the way back to the campsite, we walk through a river.

    On the last day of the trip, in the morning we just do a simple activity like kayaking. After than, we back to the campsite to pack up our stuff. Then, around 12pm we depart to back home. It was really a trip that I will never forget in my life. I really feel that I want to go again for a trip next time.

My hari raya

    This year my celebration on ‘Hari Raya’ a bit same like previous year. But this year my older sister celebrate her first day of ‘Hari Raya’ on behalf her husband’s family. So there are had a feeling of not complete in our heart. But we still celebrate ‘Hari Raya’ just like usual.

    On the first day of ‘Hari Raya’ my family and I went to my grandmother’s house to celebrate ‘Hari Raya’ together with all the other of our family member. It was just so fun, because we haven’t met for almost a year so during the ‘Hari Raya’ it was the day that we talk to each other.

    On the second day of ‘Hari Raya’ all of my family member will visiting my grandmothers relatives just like we had done every year on the second day of ‘Hari Raya’. It just likes our family tradition to do it every year during the second day of ‘Hari Raya’. It was a very tiring day because we visited a lot of house. But it was very fun

    On the third day of ‘Hari Raya’, I just stay in home, because normally on the third day of ‘Hari Raya’ my relatives on my late father sides will come to visited. After my older sister and her husband back from their hometown, on the next day we went to our relative house on my late father sided to visiting them.

    A week after the ‘Hari Raya’ we went to my aunt house for visiting. Actually all of our relatives already went there, but because we wait my sister to back from her husband hometown so didn’t go together with the other member of my family. I think that all I want to tell you guys about my celebration during the ‘Hari Raya’ this year. It was just a simple celebration but it really meant a lot to me. See you guys on my next entry.

My childhood memory of Ramadhan

    My first experience on fasting is when I was 7 years old on year 2000. Because it was my first time to fasting, I was starting to bear the hungry only for half day. Its normal for kids like me at that time to only fasting for half day, because normally kids will not able to bear the hungry for long period of time.

    As I remember, when I 8 or 9 years old, I start to fasting for the whole day. But there are one day that I remember that there are only one hour before the, but I couldn’t bear the hungry and I just eat something. I think I can bear the hungry because at that time my childhood friend which my neighbour eat in front of me. That time he only 6 year s old because he is two years old younger than me.

    The happiest time is when it’s near ‘Hari Raya’. My parents promise me that if I’m complete my one month fasting without any days that I skip, they will give a reward. Every kid like me that time for sure will wait for the reward. I think even kids nowadays still hoping getting a reward when they fasting complete one month.

    Now, when I see my cousin or niece I will remember those memories during my childhood. It’s very funny. I also feel that they also will feel the same when they grow up. Now, during ‘Hari Raya’ festive all of my cousins including me who same age with me just watching our other little relatives who look very excited during the ‘Hari Raya.

10 facts about me..

1.    I’m is the youngest among my siblings

        I have 4 sibling which is had 2 sisters and brother. My older sister is ten year older than me and she     already had two sons. My second older sister is 6 years older than me. Lastly, my brother who is 4 years older     than me. So I am the youngest or what korean’s called the ‘maknae’.

2.    I’m afraid of insects

        Among all the living things in this world, the things that I dislike the most is the insect, I really     dislike flies and also lizard, and among those insect I’m afraid of cockroaches and bee.

3.    I talked a lot

        Facts about me who not many persons know is a really love to talk. But I just love o talk when I was with     someone that I really closed with. To a person that I do not really know I won’t talk a lot, that’s why a lot of     people think that I’m arrogant.

4.    I love shopping

        Like other girls I also really love shopping. But I don’t have much I just had a window shopping. It was     really fun. The most things that I like when have a window shopping was going to shoe shop especially.

5.    I’m a big spender
        Easily to say, I’m not really a big spender buy I just do not know to spend my money wisely.

6.    I don’t really like to share my feelings with other

        When I had a problem I don’t really tell others about my feeling. Mostly when a person had a problem they     must be share the problem with others, but for me I just will keep my feelings myself. I just feel comfortable just being like that.

7.    I love K-pop

        I love to watch Korean variety show and also their drama. It is because their artist was very good looking     and gorgeous. They are also very talented. I also loved their band singer especially 2pm and big bang.

8.    I like to read novel

        Since I was in secondary I like to read novel. Mostly I read a love novel because the story line is really     romantic and sweet. Besides novel story line always have a happy ending.

9.    My perfect future man
        I like guy that have a fair skin, tall, and Islamic.

10.    I am a touchy person

        I was easily touched by movie or drama that had a sad story line. When I really into the movie I could     even cry with a lot of teardrop. But if I watch a sad movie with other I will not drop any tear, I don’t even know     why.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Hey everyone. Now I want to tell you guys a bit about my classmates. I think, my class is the class with the least student in it. My class included only 18 students, which is 7 girls with 11 boys. They are Hafizul, Qusyairi, Baihaqi, Kamil, Haziq, Imran, Akmal, Faris, Syamil, Farhan and Asyraf for the boys, and for girls they are Farah Hani, Sabihah, Fatin Afifah, Liana, Amira, Aziah, and myself.

Nursabihah Ali:
Nursabihah binti Ali is my classmates since I was part 1. She was born on 25 September. Her hometown was in Muar, Johor. She is the second youngest among her siblings, but she is acting like she is the youngest among them. She is very cheerful girl, but sometimes she also cannot hold on her temper.

Nurliana Zulkeflee:
Next is Nurliana binti Zulkeflee was born on 26th January 1993. She is from Mersing, Johor. She is also the oldest among her siblings and she is the only daughter in her family and she had 2 more brothers. As I can see, she has the characteristics of a leader, maybe because she is the oldest so that she has been used to it.

Nur Farah Hani Khalil:
Next is Nur Farah Hani binti Khalil which is from Kuala Lumpur. She was born on March 26th 1993 and she’s is the oldest among her 7 siblings. Her house may be very happening because she had a lot of siblings. She had a lot of confident when she is doing something, but there is also one time that she got nervous when she was present in front a lot of person. In the class everyone likes to tease her especially the boys.

Nur Fatin Afifah:
 Nur Fatin Afifah binti Anuar was born on August 30th 1993. She had 5 siblings and she’s is the third children in the family. She had two older sisters and also two younger brothers. She is a very smooth and good person. She is also a very to crying person. Whenever she stress or have a problem, she will crying.

Nor Amira Hassan:
My next classmate is Nor Amira bt Hassan, or Mira who’s born on March 5th 1993. She is from Johor Bharu. She is a very sweet girl, but sometimes she also can be very brutal. She is also an easygoing person. She can be friend with anyone.

Sharifah Nur Aziah Syed Azli
Next is Sharifah Nur Aziah bt Syed Azli or known as Aziah. She’s born on March 3rd 1993. She is from Kuala Lumpur. I know her since in part 2. She is cute little person and also a cheerful girl. She was in the same class with Amira since part 1 and they seem to be closed to each other.

Hafizul Akmal:
My next classmate is Hafizul Akmal. His is the oldest among us. I have been in the same class with him since part 1. Now he already 23 years old so he had a very high dream by aiming to make a fast track.

Next is Haziq, he had a lot of role such as he is the “College Representative Committee” and he is also the president cruise club. I think that he is very responsible person, that why he even hold two important role.

 Next is Faris. He had a very loud voice especially when he was laughing. I feel sad for him because he just lost his father last semester. I think he had a very strong heart to accept his father’s death.

 Next is Syamil. He is very shy and quiet boy. Even though that he is very shy and quiet, he closed to faris. They are just like twins that always stick together.

Next classmates that I want to tell a bit is Kamil. He was look like a bit like Chinese because he is mix Chinese and malay. He is best friend with Baihaqi.

Bai is very friendly person, his face a bit look like Sudirman and Que Haidar. They always come late to class, especially if the class is in the morning. But, even though they always come late to class, they have a very smart brain. I bet that they have been study a lot in their college.

Next is Imran. He also closed to Bai and Kamil, but he is a very quite person. He also didn’t say much in class like both of them. But, he always didn’t come to class. Even our lecturer can’t recognise him.

I didn’t know much about him. But I think that he is very brave in fashion. Everyday his style is very different. He always came out with bright shirt and shoes. His shirt and shoes always be the same colour.

His nickname is ‘kucai’. He is best friend with apis. But unfortunately apis is not in the same class this sem. So he seem to be little silent this semester. Maybe, because his best friend is moved to other classes.

He is the College Representative Committee. As I can see he also had a leadership character inside him. But, sometimes he looks very clumsy in class. He also very busy with his phone even when in class, and even answer his phone during class.

My last classmate is Asyraf. He is one of my classmates since part 1. During part 1 he was a very quiet boy and even hard to hear his voice. But now, he already change so much, and very talkative. He always trying to make something funny but sometimes it seems irrelevant.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Subject This Semester

For this semester I took 7 subjects which BEL311, ECO211, BAB101, FIN242, QMT216, CTU241, and also my HKR211. So for this semester I need to work harder in order for me to get a good result. The important subject that I must to work harder is the BEL311. 

BELL311 is the code for English for academic purposes. The contact hour for this subject is 6 hour, which is there are 3 classes in a week. The class is on Monday, Thursday and Friday. For this subject we need to do a term paper and we can choose our own topic. This assignment we need to do it 2 persons for one group.

Next subject is ECO211 that is macroeconomics. The contact hour for this subject is 4. This subject has a perquisite which is I must past the microeconomics paper in order for me to take this subject. The classes is twice a week that is on Monday and Wednesday. For this subject I need to find an article that related to the world economic for the assignment, and do it for pair. My economics lecturer is Miss Diana bt Mazlan. 

The third subject is the subject that totally new to me. It is BAB101 that is a code for the Arabic subject. This subject is new to me because I never learn Arabic except when I was in primary school. The contact hour for this subject is 4 hour and there are two classes in a week, which is on Monday and Tuesday. There is no prerequisite for this subject. My Arabic lecturer is Ustaz Mohd Rozman. For this subject he told us to make a video that contain at least 3 scenes in Arabic for the assignment. 

Next is QMT181 which is the code of Introduction to Statistics. It’s quite a tough subject to me because I need to focus a lot to understand it. The contact hour for this subject is 4 hours which is including two classes a week, once on Wednesday and also on Friday. These don’t have any prerequisite. For these subject, Miss Nurdia Azlin the one who teaching me. 

Next is FIN242 which represent the subject of Fundamental of Finance. The contact hour for this subject is 4 hour, where there are two classes in a week. That is on Tuesday and Thursday.  There is no prerequisite for this subject. The one who teaching me this subject is Miss Norsaliza. There is no particular assignment for this subject, but our lecturer will give us homework every week.

Next is CTU241 which is the Islamic economics. There is no prerequisite for this subject. The contact hour is 2 hours and there is only one class a week which is on Wednesday. The lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Nazrudin Hashim. There is no assignment for this subject, but all of us must do the individual presentation that and the title for the presentation will be given to us. 

Lastly is my co subject that is HKR211 which is the code for family institution. In order to take this subject I need to past the HKR111 first. The contact hour for this subject is 2 hour which is the class is held on every Friday. My lecturer for this subject is Ustaz Shezali. For this subject there is also no assignment like CTU241, we just need to do the group presentation.

So, I need to struggle more this semester so that I get a good result. Hwaiting =)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Roommate


        My roommate's name is Nur Atiqah bt Kamarudin and  her nickname is ‘Ika’. She  was born in 2 February 1994 which is she is now studying for quantitative science course for the first semester. She’s from Batu Pahat, johor that is same district as me. She is quite similar with me, that she is also the youngest among her four siblings. As I can see, she is very close to her sister especially. She said to me that she not quite sure with the course that she take here, but for now she is trying to reach her  ambition to become  an accountant. this is the picture of her with her family.


     Her hobby is watching Japanese anime, playing piano, and also sleep. Her favourite colour is red and white. Where I can see, that most of her clothes is white, and her bag and shoes are red in colour. Her favourite movie mostly is English movie such as Harry Potter, The Avengers, and also Percy Jackson. She also love watching Korean drama, movie and variety show just like me. Usually, we always laugh out loud watching variety show until midnight to release stress.

     The best part is, she also has the same interest as me, that both of us like K-Pop. Her favourite artist is Ki-Seob from U-Kiss and also Hong-Ki from F.T Island. As me, I’m a big fan of 2PM and also Big Bang.  I feel lucky because before this all my roommate from part 1 and part never had same interest like me and I’m not close with them. But for this semester I can be more close to my roommate maybe because we have a lot of similarity such as, we both is the youngest among our sibling, and also we have the same interest.